I know I’m not there for my loved ones as much as I want to physically but I hope they know I always got them mentally and emotionally. I’m always open for anyone and anything. I as a person try my best to get my loved ones the best there is out here and people don’t understand that. Never in my life have I been selfish when it comes to others and it gets to me when it goes unrecognized. My words and actions are always done to indirectly help people grow. People need to learn to be open in all ways possible, to not judge, to learn and accept, and to understand and take things into consideration. I myself struggle, we all struggle in different ways and we should respect others for that. Life is precious and shouldn’t be taken for granted. Things can always be worse so we should be grateful for the things and people we do have, for the people we’ve lost and the people we’ve met. Not everyone out here will lend a helping hand so it’s important to maintain yourself, to always have yourself, to do you even when you’re standing alone. I know people who have lost their world and don’t complain. Complaining won’t get you anywhere. Everything is a lesson and not everyone learns from it. When you feel like you’re going down hill let yourself know that the mountain you’re climbing is just getting steeper and that you’re one step closer to reaching happiness. You’re living, existing and you are blessed for the life you have and the struggles you’re facing because nothing is free in this world and you pay the price wether it’s mentally, emotionally, or physically. Be humble, hold you’re ground, and stay hoping because sooner or later you’ll realize how much of a person you really are and how much more there is out there for you. 💯